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Pricing and Services

Price per month under contract:


  • $20 per foot (monthly) for once per week wash down, AC and AV systems checks, engine start up, generator start up, exercise of Sonar equipment, sea strainer and bilge check. Wax once a month and hull cleaning once a month.


  • $30 per foot (monthly) for all the above plus twice monthly interior clean, refresh clean inside and out day before arrival.


  • Minor repairs under 30 minutes all labor included in contract price


Labor for projects $65 per hour (outside any normal day to day monthly contract inclusions)


  • Day rate captain fishing and cruising $350

  • Day rate mate $150

  • Day rate fishing mate $200


Food and Beverage provisioning:


  • An additional 25% to the final total receipt


Non-contracted pricing:


  • Basic wash: Topside and non skid, fish boxes: $3 per foot. 


  • Premium Wash: Everything above with the addition of conditioning the seats, removal of rust, metal cleaning, cleaning the canvas, eisenglass treatment: $8 per foot

  • Hull Cleaning: under 40ft: $150 over 40 ft: $200. Captains fee for operating boat to mooring (if required): $100

  • Waxing option 1: hard top to bottom of house cleaner wax and brightener: $10 per foot

  • Waxing option 2: Hard top to waterline 3 step with compound: $16 per foot



Add on services priced per foot of boat size


  • Hull cleaning $2 to $6 per foot

  • Canvas clean $3 to $6 per foot

  • Carpet wash $3 to $6 per foot

  • Engine/Bilge Clean $3 to $6

  • Scotch Guard on exterior fabric per unit $3 to $5 per cushion

  • Power Cord Clean per cord $1 to $3 per cord

  • Acid washing or scum line treatment $3 to $6 per foot according to the condition

  • Polish of all chrome and stainless steel $5 to $12 per foot

  • Eisenglass treatment $15 per panel

*price varies depending on the condition of the boat

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